2021 Peaceworker Grads and Community Leadership Students

After more than 10 years of creating Digital Stories with incoming Peaceworkers, we added a graduating fellow digital storytelling component to the Peaceworker program. Each of our graduating fellows created a story about their two years in the Peaceworker program. We also invited students, staff, and faculty from UMBC’s Masters in Community Leadership (CLDR) to join in on the workshop and create stories as well; all of the stories from the Spring 2021 workshop are below (and shared with permission of their creators).


Finding Juanita, by Sally Scott (director of the Masters in Community Leadership program)



The Omelette Challenge, by Hannah Sadollah (CLDR Student)



Lessons in Stone, by Brian Horlick-Cruz (Graduating Peaceworker)



Productivity Anxiety, by Shekinah Davis (Graduating Peaceworker)



Spark Bird, by Nicho Nguyen (Graduating Peaceworker)



Pinballs, by Jason Jozwiak (Graduating Peaceworker)



Connections, by Melody Concas (Graduating Peaceworker)